19:00?drinks & snack/dinner at the Thai pub
09:0009:30Jonathan Kaye: On the nature and scope of phonology
09:3510:15Jonathan Bucci: Vowel reduction in Coratino
10:2011:00Tobias Scheer: Representational and procedural sandhi killers: diagnostics, distribution, behaviour
11:2012:00Samir Ben Si Said: Plural formation in Kabyle Berber
12:0512:45Markus Pöchtrager: A Corset for Superheavy Rhymes
14:0014:40Katalin Balogné Bérces and Daniel Huber: Sg on [sg] and [voice] in GP 1.x and GP 2.0*
14:4515:25Nancy Kula: What sub-segmental structure is good for
15:3016:10Regula Sutter: The minimal word in Hungarian
16:3017:10Péter Szigetvári: Onset weight
17:1517:55Jonathan Kaye and Markus Pöchtrager: In Quest of Pöchtrager's Puzzle
19:00?dinner & drinks at the Italian restaurant
10:0010:40Petra Szűcs: A Government Phonology analysis of certain lenition processes in Dublin English
10:4511:25David Djabbari, Benjamin Fischer, Tina Hildenbrandt, Friedrich Neubarth, John Rennison: “Liquid vocalisation” in German: “Herr Wirt, vier Bier will ich: viere und schnell!”
11:3012:10Diana Passino: The initial CV meets the dialects of Italy

*To be read out as: "something on spread glottis and voice in gee pee one point ex and gee pee two point zero"