If you plan to attent the meeting, please send an email to saso.zivanovic@guest.arnes.si. Your name will then appear below (if you don't want that, just say so) and you will be added to the mailing list (if you're not already in there).

There is no registration fee.

Students and non-GPers are also welcome!

Participants so far:

  1. Adrian Stegovec (adrian.stegovecgmail.com, organizer)
  2. Adrienn Miholics (miholicsadriennt-online.hu)
  3. Alja Ferme (alja.fermeguest.arnes.si)
  4. Benjamin Fischer (b_fischerlive.at)
  5. David Djabbari (a0405746unet.univie.ac.at)
  6. Daniel Huber (huberdfreemail.hu)
  7. Diana Passino (dianuskatiscali.it)
  8. Ewa Pająk (ewapjkgmail.com)
  9. Grega Milharcic (grega.milharcicguest.arnes.si)
  10. John R. Rennison (john.rennisonunivie.ac.at)
  11. Jonas Hassemer (jonas.hassemeryahoo.it)
  12. Jonathan Bucci (buccijogmail.com)
  13. Jonathan Kaye (jdkaye10gmail.com)
  14. Katalin Balogne Berces (bbkatiyahoo.com)
  15. Laszlo Galfalvy (zaszlogyermekgmail.com)
  16. Lisa Pfurtscheller (lpfurtschellera1.net)
  17. Markus Pöchtrager (markus.pochtragerboun.edu.tr)
  18. Matic Pavlič (mato.pavlicgmail.com, organizer)
  19. Nancy Kula (nckulaessex.ac.uk)
  20. Péter Szigetvári (szigetvagmail.com)
  21. Petra Szűcs (kispetra86gmail.com)
  22. Regula Sutter (regula.sutterunivie.ac.at)
  23. Sašo Živanović (saso.zivanovicguestarnes.si, organizer)
  24. Samir Ben Si Said (bsamir76gmail.com)
  25. Sławomir Zdziebko (s.zdziebko86gmailcom)
  26. Tatjana Marvin (tatjana.marvinguest.arnes.si)
  27. Tina Hildenbrandt (hildenbrandt_tinahotmail.com)
  28. Tobias Scheer (scheerunice.fr)