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Draw­ing (lin­guis­tic) trees

The pack­age is pro­vides a PGF/TikZ-based mech­a­nism for draw­ing lin­guis­tic (and other kinds of) trees. Its main fea­tures are: – a pack­ing al­go­rithm which can pro­duce very com­pact trees; – a user-friendly in­ter­face con­sist­ing of the fa­mil­iar bracket en­cod­ing of trees plus the key-value in­ter­face to op­tion-set­ting; – many tree-for­mat­ting op­tions, with con­trol over op­tion val­ues of in­di­vid­ual nodes and mech­a­nisms for their ma­nip­u­la­tion; – the pos­si­bil­ity to dec­o­rate the tree us­ing the full power of PGF/TikZ; and – an ex­ter­nal­iza­tion mech­a­nism sen­si­tive to code-changes.


An exercise in reading the beautiful(ly formatted) code of TeX. See this question on TeX StackExchange.

All the above files are licenced under GPL3.

The files contain lots of the debugging code. It was useful.

Sorry, but providing binaries is out of my expertise. I had trouble enough compiling for my box ... I could, if there's interest, provide a (texlive-based) PKGBUILD file for ArchLinux.

List of attached files
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1 : 277 icon avanitex.pdf Tue 19.02.13 [08:38 UTC] by admin 2.46 Mb 8281
2 : 276 icon avanitex.master-ch Tue 19.02.13 [08:37 UTC] by admin 16.56 Kb 689
3 : 275 icon Tue 19.02.13 [08:37 UTC] by admin 14.44 Kb 697
4 : 274 icon Tue 19.02.13 [08:37 UTC] by admin 13.59 Kb 697
5 : 271 icon extract-ch Tue 19.02.13 [08:34 UTC] by admin 281 b 704
6 : 269 icon forest v1.03 Tue 19.02.13 [07:50 UTC] by admin 965.08 Kb 748
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