Department of Comparative and General Linguistics

Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

General Linguistics, 1st cycle

1st year
1st semester
Survey of General Linguistics30306
Survey of Applied Linguistics30306
Neindoevropski jezik 1603
Total 1st semester:60606015
2nd semester
Phonetics and Phonology30306
Theory of language L I30306
Neindoevropski jezik 130303
Total 2nd semester:90306015
Total 1st year:12012012030
2nd year
3rd semester
Historical Linguistics45156
Applied Linguistics – Linguistic and Social Stratification30306
Izbirni splošni predmet 115153
Total 3rd semester:906015
4th semester
Theory of Descriptive Linguistics – Syntax30306
Introduction to Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics30306
Izbirni strokovni predmet 115153
Total 4th semester:757515
Total 2nd year:16513530
3rd year
5th semester
Theory of Descriptive Linguistics – Semantics45156
Theory of Language L II606
Izbirni strokovni predmet 215153
Total 5th semester:120151515
6th semester
Applied Linguistics – Language and Speaker30306
Izbirni strokovni predmet 315153
BA thesis6
Total 6th semester:454515
Total 3rd year:165156030
Total programme:45013531590
Elective courses for Nonindoeuropean language 1
Hungarian language 1 (I)603
Hungarian language 1 (II)603
Modern Chinese – language tutorial 11206
Contemporary Japanese – language tutorial 11208
Elective courses
Language and Web Technologies3020106
Introduction to Government Phonology303
Introduction to Linguistic Typology303
Slovene Theory of Natural Syntax30303
Methods of linguistic research and fieldwork15153
Overview of Indo-European Languages304
Logic and Argumentation30304
Hungarian language 2 (I)603
Hungarian language 2 (II)603
Hungarian language 3 (I)603
Hungarian language 3 (II)603