Department of Comparative and General Linguistics

Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

The 12th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM12)


The 12th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting (MMM 12) will take place at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana (Ljubljana, Slovenia) on June 27-30, 2019.

The Mediterranean Morphology Meeting is a biennial conference series that brings together linguists from diverse theoretical backgrounds and at various stages of their career to discuss morphology in an inspiring, informal, and interactive setting.

The conference has a thematic session and an open session. The topic of the thematic day is: The nature of morphological generalizations: rules, patterns, schemas and analogy.

The conference will be preceded by a half-day Workshop on the Morphology of South Slavic languages featuring a special student poster session taking place in the afternoon of June 27th, and it will finish with a trip to the Slovenian coast on June 30th.

Additional information on the meeting description and the Call for Papers can be found at the permanent MMM website and the LinguistList announcement.

Invited Speakers

Local organizing committee

  • Gašper Ilc
  • Monika Kavalir
  • Franja Lipovšek
  • Christina Manouilidou
  • Tatjana Marvin
  • Andrej Stopar
  • Sašo Živanović

Contact: Christina Manouilidou