Department of Comparative and General Linguistics

Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana

MMM12 - Student Poster Session at the Workshop on the Morphology of South Slavic languages

We would like to invite all conference participants to an exciting hors d'oeuvre to the event. Please join us for a student poster session to be preceded by a guided tour of the National and University Library.

When and Where?

Thursday, June 27th:

  • 12:00 – 13:00  Library tour
    • Meeting point: Lobby of the Faculty of Arts. 
    • The National and University Library is a ten-minute stroll from the conference venue.
  • 13:00 – 14:00  Student poster session
    • Location: Lobby of the Faculty of arts.


  • Đorđe Božović (University of Belgrade): Dual nature of dual number in western South Slavic
  • Ema Štarkl (University of Ljubljana): Translating modificational derivatives by suffixation based on three Slovene fairy-tales
  • Edvin Derviševič (University of Porto) and Matjaž Zgonc (University of Ljubljana): Expressing the Future: a contrastive analysis of verbal forms used to express future in English, Portuguese, and Serbo-Croatian
  • Maja Ina Ruparčič (University of Ljubljana): Aspectual prefixation in Slovene and its French equivalents
  • Ina Poteko (University of Ljubljana): Declension of foreign personal names in Slovene
  • Ivona Ilić (University of Novi Sad): Non-contrastive gender in Serbian language: One-many mismatches